help! what is this purse!

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  1. the other day at the mall i saw 2 girls (at separate instances) with this GORGEOUS bag, but i cannot figure out what it is! i thought it might be chanel, but i went to chanel and asked the, and they didnt know what i was talking about. i was hoping one of u guys could help me

    it was kind of large, rectangular and boxy, and was made of white quilted leather (thats why i thought it might be chanel). it had black patent leather trim, and i THINK one of the girls was carrying it across her body, but i may be wrong.

    sorry, i know this is vague, but does this ring a bell for anyone?
  2. Marc Jacobs also does quilted leather. You could try posting your question in their forum. Good luck!
  3. Maxx New York has some quilted handbags white with black trim. You can see them on ebags and on Zappos, and there is a Maxx New York website as well. (I don't know how to do pics from websites yet, sorry for not posting links or pics)
  4. Chessmont, do you mean this one?
    Thanks for refreshing my memory - I was looking at this bag last week! It does look really nice!
  5. Cute! Wow good deductions. I couldn't figure it out at all!
  6. ohhh i think thats it..i thought it might be across the shoulder but i could be wrong

  7. actually, i looked at more pics on, and i dont think thats it :nogood:

    the one i saw seemed much bigger

    any other ideas?

    i dont think its marc jacobs cuz the quilting was larger than marc jacobs quilting

  8. can you give any more descriptions?
  9. tenmosq, yes that is one of the ones I was thinking of. There is also a dome satchel, and a small shoulder bag, reporter style. And one or two other styles, can't recall. They used to have the dome one on Nordstrom website, not sure if they still do.

    They look like a lot of 'bang for the buck', style-wise, money-wise.
  10. does anyone have any experience with the quality of these bags?
  11. Maxx New York are really nice bags for the $$$. They do a version that they sell on QVC that I don't think is even close to their 'regular' line that you see in Nordies, etc. I'd check ebay first to see if your bag is there, I picked up a stunning Maxx there for TWENTY bucks that went for over $200 on their website. People don't recognize the brand, I think.