Help! What is this Hermes messenger?

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  1. Ok- I've been eyeing this bag on eBay for a while and I'm really starting to like it. I'm going to NY in June so I was looking for a cheap, roomy bag that I can use on tours, etc. The problem is that I have no idea what it's called and wheter it's even authentic or not. Any info would be much appreciated!
    Auction #:6877521654
    herme 1.jpg herme 2.jpg Herme 3.jpg herme 4.jpg
  2. Herline basas. Did you see her feedback? Go to and type in her seller ID, lots of negs and neutrals regarding items arriving late, not being sent, condition not as described.
  3. Thanks Hermesgroupie! :flowers: I nearly fall off my chair when I read her negative feedback. I would steer clear from such a seller.
  4. Bag - cool. Seller, ick...
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