Help! what is this bag??

  1. Hi,
    I'm new here, and i was wondering what this bag was called and how much it would cost. I dont know anything about this bag, i dont know if it's out or anything i just saw the picture on purse blog and i :heart: it :smile: I tried to do a search on scarlett johansson LV's ad, but i couldn't find any information on this bag. I'd really appreciate it if anyone knows some information about this bag!
    Thank you!
  2. it's the rivete bag..that one in off white is's also available in mono..a few members have it already!!!

    if you want to see more, search for "rivet" or "rivete"
  3. Ooh, it's out already :smile:

    thank you just_jill325!
  4. Its available in Black or White (Ecru)
    Its available now.
    I think it retails in the US for $3300 + tax
  5. ~3520$cad
  6. its such a gorgeous bag, and i say if you are willing to spend the money.. GET IT!
  7. wow too pricey for me for that bag.
  8. ooo! the riveting!!!