Help! What is the name of this bag and where can you find it?

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  1. Has anyone ever seen these bags in person.
  2. I haven't seen one of these yet, maybe this summer, it looks like a summer bag (and kinda like one of those capiz shell windchimes).

    If I see one, I will post.
  3. Those are interesting. I've never seen one before. Cute summer bag tho'
  4. They are all over Atlanta, but I have no idea who makes them. Sorry couldn't be more help!
  5. I've seen people carrying them here in SC but I haven't seen where they might have bought them. I've actually seen a lot of people carrying them.
  6. my friend is starting a monograming business and I've seen them monogramed on the bottom. I thought this would be a great bag for her to sell. I wish I at least knew the name of them.
  7. must be a southern thing, havent seen any here in NJ
  8. I've never seen it either.
    Hey gucci, you live in Alabama too? You have a lot of 'locations'!
  9. My husband is in the Air Force so we have lived in 3 states in 3 years. I'm originally from Texas and you know how we Texas girls are. I will always call it home. :lol: