Help - what is the name of this 2001 epi bag?

  1. Hi everyone! this is my very first post and I need some help. I have attached some pics of a bag I bought back in early 2002.

    It has only been used twice and I no longer have the receipt. for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of this bag!:confused1:

    I once had a 2001 catalogue that featured this bag but I cannot find that either.

    Can someone help me, please?:smile:
    front2 small.JPG handle small.JPG inside flash2 small.JPG zip and handle small.JPG
  2. iv never seen the bag before. sorry.
  3. it's called the Gemeaux :tup:
  4. Thanks, deluxeduck!

    I had been trying to visualise what the SA in King Street told me this bag was, waaaay back in 2002.

    I had a 8-month old baby in tow then and had maneuvered a pram up the LV entrance steps --- I'm not sure how else I can attribute the memory loss.
  5. She's pretty!
  6. Hi Jonkris,

    Yup, EPI Gemeaux. :yahoo:

    Part Number 52452 - released 2001 and withdrawn (I think) 2003, maybe early 2004.

    Price when launched, $890US, price fell to $820US in 2002.

    Available only in Black I believe.


  7. I love this bag!!
  8. It is a beautiful bag.
  9. Thanks for the comments...i actually want to share a bit about how I've taken a clear pic of the date code. For this bag, it is found underneath the D-ring. But the D-ring 's leather bit has closely been sewn against the bag, so it was quite tricky taking a photo of it.

    So I took my reading lamp with a bendy neck and placed that over my shouder, took a keychain that had one of those blue LED lights and placed it in the bag, then held a very tiny flashlight in my mouth. Then I held the bag open with one hand and had my camera on the other hand. Oh my goodness....

    Thank goodness it came out ok. But you can just imagine what I looked like.