HELP! What is the best men's LV wallet to get?

  1. I am going to be giving a LV wallet as a gift. It will probably be in either mono or damier. What is the best one?

  2. Damier Florin wallet. It can hold 8 cards, has ID slot, coin compartment, and bills compartment.
  3. the Florin wallet is available in Taiga leather too, but this wallet is a little on the big side, approximately 4" x 5".

    the Taiga bookfold wallet with 9 slots is also a good wallet. i got that for my boyfriend :yes:
  4. do you know whether the person likes to keep coins or not in his wallet? because personally i dont like to keep coins in my wallets, so i have never bought a wallet with a coin compartment. :smile:

    i think finding the usage is more important than the canvas/leather because most of them come in any leather/canvas.

  5. I'm just finding out that he DOES NOT keep coins in his wallet.

    Thanks for your input, I appreciate everyone's opinions.
  6. I have the standard monogram with 6 credit card holders. Its very simple just the way I think a mans wallet should be. I get a kick seeing a guy pull out a tattered old wallet bulging with business cards, scraps of paper and other junk, looks tacky. I think monogram is nice because its what most people associate with Louis Vuitton. Just my 2 cents
  7. go for the Damier. Mono wallets on men look a bit too showy and sometimes even flamboyant. but i think it's worth paying the extra for an all-leather Taiga or Epi instead.