Help!!! What is naplak?

  1. Oh dear, my mum has just ordered this bag for me online: I assumed it was patent leather because of the price but looking more closesly it says it is naplak?!! The more expensive bags too £500 upwards are also naplak, I have googled it but can't find out what it is, anyone have any idea? I would be mad if it was plastic!!
  2. And what is broken mirror?!!
  3. Anyone? Please!
  4. Naplak?! Never heard of it! If it was Dutch I would assume it said neplak, which means fake patent, oddly enough.
  5. moving from GD to Handbag & Purses . . . .
  6. i think broken mirror is referring to the way the bronze trim looks. it probably has a crackle effect, so anya is calling it broken mirror.

    also, i'm pretty sure the bag is patent leather but that the trim is leather. It says the other option is plastic: Small Nevis Plastic / Calf Trim
  7. Thanks and sorry!

    I have googled and other things like via spiga bags and miu miu shoes come up which are called naplak but are patent leather so I guess it must be leather?
  8. btw, have you seen the plastic bulga bags that are $600 this season? they're not even patent leather, they're just clear plastic!! i'm pretty sure the one you got is leather though.
  9. From what i can tell from spending some quality time with Google, it is a type of leather. I found many shoes and purses in Naplak leather.
  10. That's what I thought! Wht is there no clear definition though?!!!
  11. Naplak is patent leather. Modern patent leather has a plastic coating that imparts the high gloss. Years ago patent was made with a linseed oil/lacquer coating.
  12. Thank you!!!
  13. I rang up Anya Hindmarch today and they said that it is patent leather it is just a softer sort!
  14. I used to be a shoe buyer, and I often ordered shoes/boots in naplak which is usually a soft slightly crinkled patent leather.
  15. Anya Hindmarch have just updated their website and have a description of Naplak:

    Naplak is a prestige variant of patent leather which is created over time in a dust free environment to finish the leather with a glass like effect. For extra texture and durability the leather is also tumbled to create distinctive Naplak creases

    My bag came the other day and it is really lovely!