Help, what is eyes hurt from searching!

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  1. Back in early December, I came across a bag on eBay that I could shoot myself for not buying, problem is, I don't know the name of it! It was listed as a gallery tote, but did not look like any of the gallery totes I've seen since. It was not a laced tote. It looked just like the patchwork tote, but was all leather, and had brass studs on it. It had the embossed horse and carriage on the front as well. The color was like a bordeaux, although I don't care about the color! Has anyone ever seen this bag, or know what it is? I have been looking for days on end, and can't find anything.
  2. Could it be one of these? :shrugs::confused1:
    11495_d1.jpg 11358_d1.jpg
  3. perhaps


  4. [​IMG]

    I know this isnt leather but is it this style ?

  5. That's what I thought of when I read the part about the brass studs but then the horse and carriage and leather bits threw me off of this bag.

    Actually, the bag the op describes sounds really great...I want one!
  6. No, none of the above. It looked just like the patchwork tote, but not patchwork, all leather! No sig fabric either, just plain leather. It did have studs, but not the same as the new sig stuuded tote. They were brass studs and placed differently, like farther apart. Oh my, this is driving me absolutely crazy. Apparently this was not a mass-produced bag since they can't be found. I know it was real too. I could have BIN for $289 and I let it go, how stupid was that?
  7. Oooh a guessing game! how fun..
  8. Are you positive it was authentic? :shrugs:
  9. I am 99.9% sure it was. The leather was too good to be a fake, there were alot of pics, and alot of close-ups. The strange thing is, even if it were a fake, wouldn't you see more of them? Baffled..........
  10. What about this one? BTW, this photo belongs to tPF's luvshopping90:
  11. That's not it, but I like it!
    See the attached patchwork tote, that's it exactly, except all leather, no fabric, and it had brass studs on either side of the embossed logo.
  12. I am starting to think it may have been a department store exclusive, or something.
  13. Well.............if anyone ever sees one, please pm me.I will keep searching eBay everyday:yes: