Help! what is a good starter LV?

  1. I looking to add my 1st LV bag to my bag collection but i don't know where to start. any suggestions?
  2. i think it depends on what your needs are and what you're looking for. overall use? small? big? carryall? nighttime? but for most people, the speedy is very popular!
  3. Definitely consider whether you want a shoulder bag or a hand held bag, first of all. Then decide which line you'd like one from..there are a lot. Also, consider which price range you're looking around in.
  4. I've started with the Pochette Marly Bandoulière and I still use it a lot!
  5. Most people will say speedy, and I'd say speedy too... :yes: :P But then again, it really depends on what kinda stuffs you like. Some might not like the idea of having to carry their bag on their arm, so a sling bag might be more convenient. Some prefer huge bags, others like it small and cute... :shrugs:

    Why don't you check out the visual aids thread and see what you like? :smile:
  6. i think im looking to spend under a 1000 and i want a small to medium sized bag
  7. The Marly is a small bag (about twice as big as the pochette accessoires) and costs about $500 I think?
    The Speedy is iconic but everyone has one (but me, LOL) and this style is faked to death... I eventually got the cerises speedy. :love:
    The small noe is also a great medium sized bag. I prefer it in epi, less obvious. :shame:
    But it really depends on your tastes. Why not browse eluxury by vuitton and your price range? :graucho:
  8. ok this is prob a really stupid stupid question but what is the difference between mini sac HL besides that the mini sac HL is smaller? they look the same to me
  9. I would say a speedy, but for a twist, get the damier canvas, because as South of France says, the mono has been faked to death. I love the speedy, its very practical and chic, but thats cause I'm a fan of hand held bags, if you prefer shoulder bags, the speedy isn't really for you...
  10. You really need to go into the store and try stuff on. Elux is a good place to start, but you can't get any sense of size etc. I can't tell you how often I am in love with a bag from the photo only to realize it is not me when I try it on.
    The speedy is the iconic LV bag, but I prefer it in a different material like damier, or cerises etc. They are coming out with the new mini mono speedy soon. You might think of that -- it is not expensive.
  11. Depends on if you want a handheld or a shoulder bag. If you like handheld bags, definitely the monogramed speedy. Otherwise I'd go with a shoulder bag like the cabas piano or the popincourt haut.
  12. my first LV was a Speedy in mono..
    i just looooove it...

    i'm currently looking at a sholder bag as my next LV..
  13. I would suggest for your first LV the Speedy in any variation really. Monogram canvas/ Multicolour/ Epi/ Damier.
    Its such a cute bag, and looks cute wheater it is packed full or just holding your lipgloss and CC lol!
    Its such a wardroble staple really for any LV fan, and IMO you definitly can't got wrong with it as your first LV!
    Good luck and let us know what you deceide on!
  14. Depending on your needs, handbag? Shoulder bag? size?

    Few thoughts, Monogram or damier speedy 25 or 30
    Monogram Poppincourt haut [​IMG]
    Monogram batignolles H [​IMG]

    Perhaps another tought would be the Ellipse PM [​IMG] or Petie noe[​IMG]
  15. i really like the poppincourt haut!!! i think it'll be my next LV bag after the denim baggy!!!