HELP..what is a good price to pay

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  1. Hermes Tan Togo Leather Birkin 30cm Tote Bag Handbag and matching tan Togo wallet?? New condition?
    Thanks so much!!! :smile:
  2. this is a very vague question, OP and there are a lot of factors which will affect the price.

    first: year of production
    second: condition of the bag (any scuffing on the corners, scratches to the leather and the hardware)
    third: style of the togo wallet (dogon? bearn?)

    besides, my limited knowledge of H tells me that there is no color called "tan". Should it be 'gold'? please check. Colors of the bag also affect the price.

    so, I trust people here cannot give you a ballpark figures if more particulars are missing.
  3. best is to do searches one ebay and browse through reputablish list of resellers as listed on this forum. only you can decide how much you are willing to pay.

    good luck!
  4. I find ebay a good source of market pricing as well. Search completed listings. And, as hanyeu says, resellers are a good source as well.