Help!!What if you don't like your special order or don't want it?

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  1. Hey guys. I am struggling rightnow. Hope you guys can give me some advice.
    I was offerred an special order this May by my lovely SA. It was a rush, since she wanted to surprise me, but I had a flight to catch afterward. We settled down on Vert Fonce exterior and Bamboo green inside and Bamboo piping with PHW brushed HW. Then I flew back to China. During my stay in China, the SO got rejected (still don't know which part got rejected), and my SA couldn't get reach to me, so she made a decision for me before the June 2nd deadline. Now, I am back in US, and I really appreciate that she made the decision for me so I still got the SO. However, I wanted some fun for my SO, since my hermes bag collection is really dark (black gray). Recently, my SA offered me a vert fonce kelly with gold HW and I took it. So, I really don't know if I show take this SO when it arrives, since I have the same exact color kelly, and the SO is not really what I wanted.
    If I reject the bag, will I still get another chance to make another SO in the future?
  2. I think your SA will completely understand!
    Especially if she sold you the Kelly which is the same color as the SO.
    Somebody else will be thrilled to buy your SO. These get passed on for a variety of reasons.
    No worries.
  3. I would not worry about it. You don't even know when your SO will arrive.
    So enjoy your bag!!
  4. I would wait until it arrives and then make a decision. Who knows you might fall in love once you see it. Also, who knows how long it takes until it arrives.
    So I wouldn't worry. Even if you don't like it once it arrives, your SA will completely understand.
    The rejected SO will sell within the blink of an eye, and maybe you can place another SO with specifics that you like ;).
  5. Vert Fonce couldn't be combined with Bamboo, it was the bamboo that got rejected!
  6. This is really helpful and informative. Since I was always wondering why it got rejected. Thanks to you, I know it now.
    May I ask how do you know this information?
  7. Thank you. I am loving this green kelly.
  8. Just to add my experince with SO, my first option was rejected due to bamboo can not be used for inside lining, it was available for main body colour only. So i changed to BE instead.
  9. I have a SO Vert Fonce , your SA knew it couldn't be combined, it wasn't in the list for the "permitted" lining...

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  10. SAs don't always know what can or can't be done.
    @felfel123 , every season some colors are available for SO lining and some are not - it is not the same color list as for SO exteriors - and unless you have that list in front of you you won't know what the options are. Production runs are a bit small on the interior chèvre for non-production colors and from what I have seen this is where a lot of rejections happen. Do you know what choice your SA made instead of Bambou?
  11. Yes SA's don't know always but store Managers know (or the SA that is in charge of SO's) and how is done (list with colours etc) so when they say oh Paris has rejected it (I am speaking for SO only as there are cases for other orders Paris has cancelled for other reasons) and they don't explain to the customer the reason then it seems to me that they are hiding something... as before they submit the SO have checked the permitted combis!

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  12. In large boutiques with a lot of SOs orders go in without diligent checking. It is a careful SA and SM that check both against the list and against what they think Paris will accept. Some stores were still "accepting" tricolor SOs this spring, for instance.
    I have done my SOs with the list in front of me and I don't know why all boutiques do not do this. Maybe it is easier in Paris. But still I have had interiors changed for lack of leather production.
  13. About the tricolour: some have already been accepted so it must be that or they know more that we don't of course! Now when they will be produced is another thing!
  14. She did sage.
  15. Cause I saw the screenshot of her pc that bamboo was a option for interior, so I was a little bit frustrated when it got rejected.
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