help! what food to eat

  1. Ok gals, I have been following the food thread in what you gals are eating everyday and I dont know weather some of you are dieting because some of the things in there blow my mind :wtf: cookies, milk shakes etc HAHA.

    as I stated in a previous thread I packed on some weight over the summer and now need to loose it, I am completely lost of what I should be eating. I have already cut out sugar, soda, salty foods, fried foods and carbs. I dont eat red can you gals PLEASE PLEASE give me some suggestions on what I should be eating and how I SHOULD prepare my foods and what other foods I need to stay away from? I feel all alone in doing this since everyone around me is thinner and my fat ass gained 20lbs in 2.5 months :sad:
  2. lots of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and lean protein like chicken and turkey. just give it time, drink a ton of water, and take your vitamins. you'll see a change as long as you keep your portions reasonable.
  3. I agree! And adding daily exercise is super important. Walking for about 45 minutes a day (every day) :yes: should help a lot!
  4. Go to your nearest bookstore and purchase "The GI Diet" It is basically the way a diabetic would eat. There is no starving involved, no special food prep, just healthy choices as posted by Amanda (grains, fruits etc.). You cannot fail if you read and listen....
  5. The South Beach Diet is also geared towards diabetics and coronary patients. I'm on ww and I like to incorporate some of their 'mantra' into this diet-low carbs high protein. I am losing weight s l o w l y but this is truly the healthy way to lose weight. I know everyone (including myself) wants to see a loss of 10lbs in a week but that loss is just water and some weight but your going to gain it as quick as you lost it. Basically, if it took you x amount of time to gain it, it's going to take you x amount to lose it. I can't say I ever gained 10 lbs in a week, and if I did it was because I was on my period and ate Chinese food that night!
  6. im deff seeing a diff in my body from working out 2hrs a night for 6-7 days a week for the past 2-3 weeks...I cut out carbs, sweets, sugar, fried foods...I can feel and see the difference...I just have to make sure I stick with it.
  7. ^^ wow congrats on your hard work lv1011! what kind of exercise do you do for 2 hrs? I'm trying to exercise more too

  8. Thank You hun :heart:
    the hardest part is cutting out the food. I am not a big sweet eater, but ALL over hehe

    I bascailly started off going 4-5 times a week to the gym and worked out for an hour or so..doing the weights and circuit training for 20 or 30 mins on 9-10 diff machines doing 3 sets of 15 reps at each and then I would do 200 crunchies using the strength ball or the bench they have at the gym. Then I got on the elliptical machine for the remainder 30-45mins.

    I have since changed my work out routine, I didnt want my body to get used to the same routine and machines night after night. So now, I do a combo of weights, diff machines all the time, with a bit more weight sometimes and less weight othertimes with more reps. Im now doing 30-45mins of weights each day and doing more cardio and strength training. the step machine (not the step climber) is an unbelievable machine. It gets your hurt pumping and chest burning and sweat from places you never thought youd sweat from. I also use weights when im doing crunchies and doing jump roping. I just want to loose a lil bit of weight and tone up. I want deffinition in my entire body...I think its super sexy......I know i sort of rambled....:smile:

    the key is to vary your routine. I think for the first few weeks, even though I was in the gym 1-2hrs a night for 6-7 days a week..I didnt see a difference because I was doing the same thing night after night, but now Ive changed it up quite drastically and have cut out ALOT of foods.
  9. WOW!! Congrats!! Keep up the good work.. keep us updated on how youre doing...
  10. It sounds like you have gotten off to a good start. For breakfast you may want to try eating something such as oatmeal, a piece of fruit, and a bagel.

    Dinner you may want to eat something like baked chicken, over brown rice, and a green vegetable.

    Everyone has given you some great advice. Try to get your 6 to 8 glasses of water in a day too.
  11. The craziest thing I snack on, but really works when I get hungry is peanut butter. I eat a tablespoon or bread or crackers....just peanut butter. It sounds weird, but peanut butter has a good mix of protein, sugar and fat.
  12. Keep your protein up - protein is important. Have fat, but only good fats, and monitor your calorie intake. As a snack eat things like steamed cauliflower (though it's flavorless by itself, you can steam it with chopped garlic and sprinkle a t-spoon of lemon juice over it as it's cooking - it's amazing! At the end add salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste - it's virtually calorie-less and will fill you). Edamame with low sodium soy sauce is a GREAT, healthy snack - very high in protein - I dip them in wasabi as well ;) - Speaking of wasabi - wasabi peas are excellent as well. Keep your snacking to a minimum by eating 6 small meals a day. I try not to snack at all - but when it gets hard you can resort to veggies like I listed above. Tuna salad is EXCELLENT for you - high in protein, just use light mayo. I garnish mine with chopped onions and celery and spice it up with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. MM-mm good! You can measure your calories/fat/carbs/sugar by using FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal and if you like to go out to eat use this site prior to going out to figure out what you'll eat: CalorieKing - Diet and weight loss. Calorie Counter and more.. Don't drink ANYTHING carbonated or caffeinated - both increase hunger and cravings. Also, take your vitamins - multivitamin, iron, B12 are all very important, as well as calcium. A GREAT calcium supplement for those of us dietting is citracal creamy bites. I don't eat any sugar except for one of these a day - they are great for days when your craving a sweet AND they contain a high amount of calcium citrate, which is optimum for maximum calcium absorption: | Citracal | Creamy Bites
    They come in a bunch of different flavors, and though they don't taste like true candy, they're a great substitute and amazing for you and your bones. Vitamins are VERY important when you're dietting. I know you want to be thin now, but your body will pay for it in the long run if you don't provide it with the proper nutrients :P

    Good luck! :P
  13. Excellent advice all around. I have nothing really to add, except another calcium supplement chew you might like is Vivactive. It comes in a purple container. My boss started eating 2 per day as she went into menopause because her doc was worried about her bone density. I nibble on them sometimes, and they aren't half bad! Pretty decent for a health supplement. But yeah, dont forget to keep your calcium intake up no matter what you do, especially if you are going to change your eating habits.

    How many calories in that entire box of Citrical creamy bites? I bet I could polish off the whole thing... Candy never looked so healthy and yummy! Guiltless!! (sorry, PMS talking)
  14. I actually found that increasing my intake of calcium from dairy products (yogurt, soymilk, fortified orange juice, etc) and vitamins helped me lose some weight as well.