Help! What else can be worn with these Talbot Red skirts???

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I need your expert opinions.

    These Talbot skirts in that deep red color they are known for making in their fabric. My question is this - what other colors can be worn with these besides white and black tops/blouses?? White and black is just too common. Would light browns or light grays work as colorful tops?? Any other colors? or patterns? What accessories would be needed - a certain fabric or color of belt to help blend it? or maybe a certain jacket too?

    Here are the links to the skirts I am talking about.

    Talbots Red Knee Length Skirt:

    Talbots Calf Length Skirt:

  2. I like the combination of tan, ivory, or gray with red. The outfit the model is wearing looks a bit Santa-ish. The skirts (especially the knee-length one), are gorgeous!