help- what do you think?

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  1. I have really wavy hair, just past shoulder. Loose ringlets if I let it but usually just wavy. Im so sick of it. It feels heavy, its boring and its not my "personality"

    Im thinking of getting a really short cut- think "Rosemary's Baby" or twiggy but with more texture. With my hair, what would happen??? Would it be really curly? Ick. Would products/straightneing iron keep it neat? I have a face in which a short cut would work and it would accentuate my big eyes.

    thanks- feel free to be honest lol
  2. Hmmm..if you have wavy hair now, with it past your shoulder, I would think that a short cut would curl up. It is probably wavy because the weight of your hair is pulling the curl down. You should probably talk to your hairdresser and ask his/her opinion. I have long, straight heavy hair and would love a short pixie cut. But I'm too scared to do it!
  3. I think it might still curl up even though it would be short, I'm not sure though, but ask your stylist about that. Maybe if you really want that cut, and if you don't mind staightening it a lot, then go for it! I love that look!
  4. I think it would still curl up with a short style. Definitely talk to your stylist, and see what they think. However, if you plan to straighten it, then you should go for it. Consider a GHD iron to help you with the straightening... it'll make a big difference, and be much easier!
  5. I have wavy hair too which I have straightened a few times. Having it short is no help for me, it's making it so hard to manage and I prefer it long at the end (has been with long hair for years now).
  6. I actually did this. My hair is wavy....not ringlety, but def, def not straight. I got the Rosemary's Baby cut...and it didn't get crazy wavy. I kept the front a little longer, and I'd blow that dry a little, but really, it was easy. But....I ultimartly let it grow out. I'm skinny, and my husband told me I looked like a boy from the back. It's been a year, and it's still not shoulder length, so big commitment.
  7. well I got it cut. its great. a little twiggy/rosemarys baby blended with my own quirky personality. I also got all the damaged from dye hair out, and actually like the natural, honey/dark blonde haha. Its adorable and ive washed and done it since its been cut. so far so good. I wash it, put some B&b straightening gel, and let it go- no straightening needed! I am going to nyc in a few weeks tho and plan to pick up a few styling products and maybe a ghd so :smile: Im very happy

    thanks guys
  8. im glad you like it! sounds cute, any pics??
  9. i'll try soon. maybe tommorow with cell phone. problem is im only 16 and do worry about face pics online....mmmm maybe if I wear a mask- lol
  10. Great to hear you got it cut. I am sure it feels healthy having the damage cut off and it is nice to do something different. I have had a shot pixie cut for years and have tried growing it out a few times. I always kept it very light blond but just started to dye it dark brown. I like the new look. I am getting it foil highlighted next week.....I can't wait. I wish I could let my hair grow out in to a short bob but I feel better with my shorter hair and it is so easy to just scrunch and go. I keep mine that messy look. One product I like is Bumble & Bumble suff spray--it gives you that messy at the beach look. Have fun with your new style.
  11. yeah, i know what you mean.....or you could put a black "bar" over your eyes like in the Glamour mag fashion Don'ts!
  12. post before and after pics!
  13. Awesome! I'm so glad you like it! I found it so liberating.
  14. Awesome! I'm so glad you like it! I found it so liberating. Also, for the first
  15. Awesome! I'm so glad you like it! I found it so liberating. Also, for the first time, I could stop wondering