Help!! What do you think??

  1. Hi,

    I haven't posted on here in forever but I really need some help. We have a wedding to go to tomorrow morning and I didn't even think about what to wear until just now.

    Please give me your honest opinion about this dress. I was going to wear it with a short sleeve blad cardigan and a black sandals. But I wanted to make sure it looked ok without the cardigan b/c it will be 100 degrees tomorrow. Is it too much? Am I too big to wear polka dots? I feel like I am all boobs and my husband is 0 help b/c he thinks all boobs is a good look:cursing:.

    Let me know what you think.

  2. ahh dressing for weddings can be so stressful sometimes! I think the dress is very cute, and the cut is very flattering, but if you are wanting to cut down on the boobage factor the polka dots are not much help. they do emphasize the bust area (any print will really do that). Do you have any solid print dresses in a similar cut? The dress is perfectly appropriate for a wedding and i dont think a cardigan would be too much (if it is a lightweight material and shortsleeved) No cashmere of course! Hope that helps :yes: Let us know what you decide!
  3. Jean I love that dress! Very Grace Kelly. But you've got some major boobage action going on. If you have a sheer wrap or silk scarf it would be super cute to casually toss it over your shoulders. Definitely would draw attention away from the bustline. You would be fine with a cardigan too. Do you have your shoes and purse picked out yet?
  4. If it is going to be 100 degrees, there is absolutely no shawl, stole, wrap, bolero, or any other item that it will be practical to wear. Or even healthy.

    Whether polka-dots, boobage, or both are a good choice for the wedding, like any other what-to-wear-to-a-wedding question, dependent first, foremost, last and in the middle on the customs, folkways mores, fashion habits, etc of the specific community where the wedding will take place, and even beyond that, the fashion customs, etc of the even more specific segment of that community - yes, the families of the bride and groom, especially their parents.

    In cases where you have no idea how the parents of the couple feels about polka dots and boobage, talk to others who will also be attending the wedding, and who do know the parents.

    Whatever happened to the good old fashioned custom of people calling each other up and asking "Whatcha gonna wear?"

    That's how we settled this kind of thing back in the Old Days!
  5. Thanks for your help Rachel and La Miss. I tried it on again with a cardigan and different Bra and it looks much better. I also found out the wedding is inside so weather is not such a big deal.

    I appreciate your help...I wasn't feeling so hot last night and it was too late to run over to my sisters for some help. I am glad you guys were there.

    Shimma, I actually called my mother in law this morning to see what she was wearing but I couldn't so much do that at 12:30 last night when I was trying to decide.

    Wouldn't you know they are all wearing capri pants, so I am going to skip the dress and do something casual. Now I just need to find something that goes with my blue wedged and my new white coach bag!!