help!!!!! what do you think of this???

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  1. not again..!!! i'm dreaming about this bag.. should i get it or not?? what do you think ? your opinion please.... thanks :love:

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  2. I don't really care for it, it's very busy with that pattern. But if you really love it, go for it.
  3. Hi, well ive seen this before i think it looks very unique. I like it, but if your feeling guilty of wanting to buy it, think about it more:yes:
  4. nahh save your money and get a classic flap :smile:
  5. Unique, but not my thing. I'd go for a classic as well!
  6. I saw your sign off tag says "Eclectic Eve". If you're eclectic, go for it. It's a rare standout piece that nobody else will have. It reminds me of an art piece, like wearing a warhol. While it wouldn't be for me (I'm pretty classic and boring!), if it suits your style, definitely go for it. You may never see it again.
  7. if you can pull it off, go or it!
  8. ditto.
  9. sorry but i dont like it.. i agree with the others, i think you should get a classic flap instead.
  10. To me that bag is a bit seasonal & since its fabric, it would probably be hard to maintain too.
    I agree with most of the girls, go for the classic chanel bags. Itss timeless, elegant and will last forever!
  11. nar....i would rather spend my money on a classic flap.
  12. it luks nice and different and unique very away from classic.. but all depends on ur style n wut u always wear.. eventhough u like but u think u aint always gonna wear it n u wanna buy sumthin u always want 2 wear juz make sure this purse goes with most of it.. sumxs its hard 2 match color patterns.. but dats up 2 u n ur wardrobe.. hope it helps! :idea:

  13. ditto :yes: especially if it's white fabric, it'll turn yellow in time to come and is very difficult to maintain.
  14. i'm not a huge fan of that, it's too much going on for me but if you love it ans it'll make you happy, get it!
  15. I'm not a huge fan of it...BUT if you LOVE it then that is all that matters! And if you're dreaming of it...then I'd say you LOVE it LOL