Help! What do you think of this Valentino jacket?

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Should I keep or return this Valentino coat?

  1. Keep it! Its a good classic style and great brand.

  2. Return it. Its too boring and not worth it.

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  1. #1 Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2009
    I got this army green Valentino coat for $393 after tax down from about $1,750 at Saks. Its a bit brighter IRL. Very soft, made in Italy of synthetic material. Slightly padded for warmth.

    Is it frumpy and old looking? I cant figure out if I bought it for the right reasons or not.

    I thought it was a good staple item, but DH said its certainly not very "fashion forward", like I could get one just like it at Jcrew. Plus he said Ive bought way too much stuff during the sales. He doesnt even know there is one more pair of shoes in the mail! So I need to make some decisions, but I dont want to regret returning it either.

    Should I keep it or return???

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  2. I like the color and the peacoat is a very staple style, but it's very shapeless and makes you look boxy. The silhouette is more reminiscent of a man's peacoat than one made for women.

    Also, synthetic material? Definitely not worth it. Better tailored peacoats in wool and cashmere are available for better prices, especially with all the current sales.
  3. I agree with NoraV. The shape is not the most flattering for your shape. It makes you look boxy, which it shouldnt! The material is also not worth the hefty price tag even after the reduction. I say return it and get a coat that fits and is made out of wool or cashmere. Winter sales are going on, youll snag something!
  4. It's classic but it's not "special" like Valentino should be.
  5. While a peacoat is a staple, this one is pretty boxy. I think you could find one that is more figure-flattering and made from better materials.
  6. ^^^ITA! Its pretty, but I think that you could find another coat that would show off your figure better!
  7. I think I agree with your hubby--it's just not that special even for that significantly discounted price. Take it back and enjoy your new shoes guilt free!
  8. Ita
  9. it looks too boxy for you, you'll find a more special coat soon enough!
  10. I also think its not a very flattering fit. You'll able to find something that will look much better on you
  11. Return it, the color is bleh, and it doesn't fit very well. You can buy a better coat for less money. Certainly not a Valentino hit this one...
  12. I agree with the posts above generally - it's not got the ZING that you want a great coat to have...
  13. I agree with everyone else. It is a great basic coat but you could find a better one for a lot less.
  14. Its a good price, but the color/style just doesn't look good, for that price, you could probibly get something much cuter =)
  15. Its just not a great shape. I agree with the others - return it