Help! What do you think of this dress?

  1. I saw this dress at the Calypso boutique and loved it! Loved the pockets on the side too - I can dress it down or up! I finally gave in last week and ordered it online and now I'm back and forth on it... The dress is cute, but maybe it's b/c it comes in so many colors that I can't seem to make up my mind..

    I bought the dress in Emerald green (appropriate for the Spring and can also pull it off in the Fall)....Not sure If I should keep this color or go with another one though....:shrugs:

    What do you think? Which color would you purchase?
  2. WOW! that is a lot of colors, but the emerald green deffinitly stands out, and is beautiful
  3. Keep it! I think its adorable and I love the emerald green that's my fav one of them all!
  4. I like it, but I don't LOVE it, for the price, I really don't see why..
  5. Cute dress! Emerald is a fantastic color and I can definitely see dressing it up or down easily. A bit pricey, though -- maybe buy more colors when it goes on sale?
  6. love the dress and i think green is a great color choice.
  7. love it, good choice on emerald
  8. It's cute but I wouldn't pay that much for the dress. I think you could find a similiar dress at Zara's or H&M for cheaper.... but if money isn't an issue than I would go for kumquat, slate, emerald, or flame.
  9. Cute! Very simple and chic.
  10. thanks for the feedback!!! I'm glad you like the emerald -I liked other colors too but this one really stood out for me... :smile:
  11. I love the emerald green. I agree that the dress is a bit expensive. If you know you'll get a lot of use out of it, I'd keep it. If not, I'd return it and wait for a sale.
  12. I have two very similiar to those. very comfy and go with lots of things.
  13. It's cute, comfy, and wearable. I'd say go for it! My PC is a little slow right now so I didn't get a chance to look at the different colours, sorry!
  14. I love that green, wait until it goes on sale for any other colors or see how much you actually wear the first one.
  15. Lovely, I'd definitely buy it in Aegean, but I also like the emerald and deep pink :smile: