HELP: What do you think of this Dior?


Dec 7, 2006
I am thinking of disposing this Street Chic Portobello bag. What do you think? (see pictures below)

It's still in great condition because it was hardly used. I bought this at the Dior boutique in Hong Kong. The pouches are sold separately, as you all know.
I sold my Street Chic flap bag recently, too. I love the look of it but Dior has way too many other designs that I prefer over this. Sadly enough, the Street Chic line used to be my favourite line as a teenager. I loved how well the design was conceptualized, and even today I still like it. I think that this style just isn't doesn't have the same allure for me anymore, though.

So I suggest selling it. It is a beautiful bag in wonderful condition, so you may get more $$ back for it.

What does everyone else think?
Hmmm...around $250 or more. You may be surprised...this hobo shape is really popular at the moment and you may get a lot more than that. I haven't watched any of these bags end recently so I don't know how much people want this style at the moment.