HELP! What do you think of this Andrea Brueckner Bag?

  1. What do you guys think of this Andrea Brueckner Bag? Yes? :yes: No? :nogood: HELP me decide...
  2. i definitely love the design!!
    this color is nice if you havent had any bag in similar one, but i would go for black patent since i already got 1 andrea bag in tan:p
  3. I think I like it. Do you know the dimensions? From the looks of it it looks pretty tiny and I would definitely like it if it were larger. But maybe the picture is deceiving?
  4. The dimensions are...

    12" Long x 16" High x 6" Deep
    Strap drop is 16"

  5. I bought this bag at the summerblu sale for 238.00. What a Fabulous price but ended up selling it because it had more of a work/school feel to it. I have the Luxembourg Satchel in the same leather and it's divine. Soft but sturdy leather. Here's some pics of it.
    BTW...that isn't a 16" drop on the bag, it's a 16" length and it gives it like a 5" drop. It's a handheld bag for the most part unless you are very petite.





  6. its a little hippyish in the tan, but i would love it in a patent, its pretty cute.
  7. Like it!
  8. I like the style and color ALOT. The leather looks so soft and squishy. I do have to say that I like the one Lexie had better, just because I like the wider bags, rather than longer/taller bags.
  9. I like Lexie's better too but I found the Shopper for $235... Trying to convince myself not to get it just because its a good deal...
  10. WOWEEE! Sep, you manage to find the best deals! I say go for it! The bag is gorgeous, and for that price, how can you say "no"?
    I was just saying although I really like the one you posted, I prefer the other, if it was available (and, of course, the same price!). And I do love that orangey-tobacco color that both the bags have. I have a bag that color that goes with everything, because it is not too brown.
    Good luck!
  11. I love the look of that bag and on sale it is a good deal. I do like a bag that you can wear over your shoulder through so I am a little concerned that it would be a hand held one.
  12. i really do like that bag of hers...i've been looking to swipe one up in black. thanks for the pics lexie! i've always wanted to see pics but wish i could find some modeling pics as well. i wonder if i could get away with wearing the small luxembourg over my shoulder
  13. I think it works in a rustic style kind of way. I like it.
  14. I love it, it's beautiful and I would totally carry that!
  15. I Have the exact bag you are showing and i love it.(except mine is dark brown)
    The smaller one lexie has is great if you dont carry a lot but wouldnt EVER work for me
    this shopper is perfect for me cause im a student and a teacher and i have lots of files and papers and books and such that i carry around.
    the only thing that bugs the CRAP out of me is it has no shoulder strap
    sure if you weigh 100 lbs it may go over your shoulder JUST but not if you are any bigger.
    16 in strap must be the entire strap length from one end to the other it is DEF. not the strap drop, the drop is about 5 1/2-6 in tops

    but again i love the bag its perfect for what i need, the leather is thick and seems like it wont show wear easily
    and if you carry more then just every day stuff then i think you would really like it !:smile: