HELP--What do you think of the Prada Cervo Antik bags

  1. I'm brand new to the Purse Forum, and this blog. I am strongly considering buying the Prada Cervo Antik Shoulder bag from Saks, sight unseen. The Saks here does not carry Prada at all and I saw it on the Saks website and just love the way it looks. But I have two concerns:
    1. Since the leather is deerskin, does it scratch easily? (I know some women don't mind a more rugged, used look, but I do not want a bag that scratches too easily))

    2. Is the bag huge? It looks like many of you have commented on how large most of the Prada bags are. The measurements are approximately 15"W x14"H x 3" ( or close to it)

    I really, really appreciate your thoughts, especially from anyone who owns a Prada made of this leather.

    Thanks, Bags'rUs
  2. I like them,I love the cervo bowling bag,but it is very big
  3. if I am not wrong,you are talking about this one:

    here is te ivory oneΝ=Product+ID
    sometimes it's good to look others color to see different details

    welcome to tpf by the way.

    I guess the measurments are close to the my love coffer just little bit taller. so I would say its just the right size it not too big and it's not small def.

    it's a great classic bag I would say
  4. Justifed, that IS the bag. Are the Prada's durable? willthis kind of leather and treatment easily scratch?
  5. this leather is durable..I don't think it would scratch easily...maybe more experienced Prada-cholic could also make a comment?
  6. The leather is fine. The antik treatment is problematic. If you don't care for a distressed look, I'd suggest the solid black or solid ivory. I belive it also comes in the camel color. The new treatments Prada has been using the past year, while beautiful, don't always take the best of beatings like the solid color bags do.
  7. That is the bag I was drooling over as well.... But if the finish doesn't hold up, this might be heart break waiting to happen. I'd be really upset if it scratched easily!!