help! what do you think I should do?

Jun 28, 2010
I currently own the ebene speedy 30, which is the first (and only!) LV I've ever purchased with my own money. I'm planning on purchasing the Galliera PM in Azur soon, but after stumbling upon photos of the Trevi PM... I want that as well!

I have wanted both the Azur Galliera PM and the Trevi PM for quite a while, but can only get one (I'm a university student).

If I opted for the Trevi, I would end up having 2 handheld (don't really plan on using the strap) damier ebene bags in my collection which I find useless as I'd probably neglect the Speedy upon getting the Trevi! Thus, I was planning on either selling my Speedy to fund the Trevi, OR to keep the Speedy, and just purchase the Galliera PM (which I also love) instead.

However, it's hard to decide what to do, so I need your opinions!


LV Happy
Apr 20, 2010
I would keep the speedy and get the Galliera. I love, love, love my Galliera (mono though). Initially, I was dying to get the Trevi but when I tried it I felt like it was a little too small, a little too heavy and a little too expensive (although it is such a gorgeous bag!). I use my speedy as my worry free bag so it's always a great bag to have in your collection. GL with your decision.


Oct 22, 2009
I own the damier speedy 30, the Trevi pm, and the azur galliera pm. To be completely honest, I couldn't part with any of them. I would keep the speedy and buy the azur galliera with summer coming up. Then I would save up for the Trevi. I really think you need all three bags in your collection! :biggrin:
Feb 15, 2011
Given that you are a University student, do you think you will have the extra time (and money) to spend cleaning/maintaining the vachetta on the Galliera? I'm in school too and I just find damier ebene to be so carefree...I have the speedy ebene as well as the Trevi, and although I LOVE my Trevi, I get equal use out of both.