Help! What do you match

  1. White knee boots with? I just bought a pair and they fit just nice for the cold, monsoon season Singapore is having but I'm wondering how and what to match it with? I am wondering if I should've just bought the black ones instead but I have too many black and camel boots~

    Help? :sad:
  2. LOL! A coat w/white cashmere trim? Iono.
  3. ^ ;p

    I'd cook myself to death in the coat! LOL!
  4. a lighter top with dark jeans or slacks, perhaps?
  5. You could do the whole capri with knee high boots.
    stick your jeans into the boots.
    Pair it with a skirt.
  6. I think it really depends on the style and the heel-height.

    If you want to look taller/longer legged, wear them with white, or paler coloured trousers.

    Gucci showed '60s style flat white, knee-high boots with pale silver trousers and metallic neutrals:


    Alternatively, Chanel also showed '60s style, white, lowish-heeled, over-the-knee boots with sheer black tights and monochrome clothes:




    Maybe you could soften the monochrome look, by mixing some grey into it?
  7. I think white knee boots look best with lighter-coloured skirts.
    I don't think the boots match with any pants. And if the boots are paired up with matching white pants, it ends up looking like a "sci-fi" outfit you might see on Star Trek.
  8. Ooh... that black dress from chanel and that gold croc jacket looks positively :nuts:
  9. Is Singapore that cold? Isn't it's sunny all year round with the exception of occasional rain?

    Put on jeans/white pants/denim miniskirt/flared cotton skirt, paired it with a T-shirt/tank top/dressy top. Have a Adidas sweater for the casual/sporty look or a black fitted jacket for elegance and formality, wear it when you're feeling cold in an air-conditioned room. Pin a brooch on the jacket or on a plain top and something metallic like gold bangles or diamante clutch for a night out. Carry a big bag during the day to store your stuff. Something simpler is buying the LV Alma/Speedy Mirroir which can be used day and night, a new transformation to the usual black bags you find everywhere.;)

  10. That's because the original Star Trek was made in the '60s and white boots are a very '60s look. :yes: