Help! What do you guys think?

  1. Hey all! :nuts:
    I'm planning on getting my first Louis next week :love: and have been drooling over the mono Speedy 25 for aaagggggeeessss. I'm not a 'big bag' kinda gal and don't carry much stuff around which is why I thought the 25 would be preferable to the 30 for me.

    Just wanted to ask the ppl out there who have or have had a 25, do u love it? How does it wear and how much use do u get out of it? Any pics so I can see its size on an actual person would be cool!

    Thanks a bunch!!!;)
  2. Check out the thread on Celebrities and their Speedies that Hannapple initiated for us -- you will see both the 25 and the 30. Very very helpful. Thanks again Hannapple!!!
  3. if you're not a big bag gal I'd go for the speedy 25. It holds a ton, and if you dont carry much you 'll have more then enough room.
  4. I love my 25. I don't need to carry a lot of stuff, and I don't usually like huge bags, so the 25 is perfect on me. I'm 5'8" and I don't think it's too small for me. It's perfect, and you will carry it everywhere!!
  5. Okay thanks guys!
    Loooooooking forward to it!!!!!!!!
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