HELP: what do you call this flap?

  1. whitelamb-JPG-Thumbnail1_580x435.jpg
  2. Hi, that's an East/West flap with new chain.
  3. Thanks so much!
  4. is the Baugette the same as the East/West then?
  5. I was told the e/w is technically called the pouchette (by Chanel SA). She said it was never called an e/w, that the name was just made up by customers.
  6. I have that bag with the old chain! I thought the official name was east/west? That's the only name I've ever heard it being called. I never heard anyone call it a pochette, even SAs...
  7. i'm really contemplating getting this one, i think it's a good choice for awhite bag, cuz the chain is all metal, you don't have to worry about the chain getting dirty and all.
  8. how much is the e/w with the new chain? =)
  9. 1395
  10. just to verify
    that color isn't white-white is it? its more like a tea with creamer-white? if that makes any sense?
    i am contemplating this too haha
    i really love the e/w size, i never used to!
  11. it's actually sugar white--no tea or milk added :smile: