Help! What Do I Need To Make An MP3 File Of My Voice

  1. Hi--I am not technologically up on this and need to know how to make a digital file (MP3 format) of my voice for a Podcast that a magazine is creating that is using some of my work--anyone know what I need for my laptop? I need a file that I can email. I'm not sure my description even makes sense. Is there some freeware that will make a file for me if I get a microphone? I don't need to enhance it or anything--I just need to record myself reading. TIA
  2. You can go to and go to downloads and just download a freeware there.

    Other than that, if you click on Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder
    This saves it as a *.wav

    If you want to change to mp3, open iTunes (I assume you have it) and click convert to mp3 (select convert to mp3 in Options first! Then click convert on the sound file). And it will save it as mp3. This is saved in your iTunes folder.
  3. Thank you! So I just plug in a mike then and record it? Is there any particular software at cnet you recommend? (I opened Sound Recorder in accessories, but there didn't seem to be a way to save a file. Am I just being dense?)