Help! What do I get my BF for Graduation?

  1. You ladies are always so knowledgable, so I am turning to you for help! My BF is graduating in 2 weeks and I still don't know what to get him?!? I am so proud of him, he has earned a BS in Electrical Engineering!! I have been with him nearly 2 years...But, what's an appropriate gift? To make things more complicated I really need 3 gifts for him...
    1. For graduation (May)
    2. His birthday (June)
    3. For our 2 year anniversary (July)

    He's making out like a bandit :lol: ! Any ideas?? I was thinking maybe some suave sunglasses or something he would use A LOT!! Help!!
  2. How about taking him on a really nice mini vaca. somewhere he absolutely loves. And spoil him rotten there.
  3. A lovely gift for a man is to buy a sterling silver belt buckle and have his initials engraved. Then, if you still want to spend more money you can buy him the strap to go with it. You can buy a leather one, lizard, croc. etc. They have a few at Tiffanys and Brooks Brothers always did them. If you buy at Tiffanys you could then buy matchhing cuff links, business card holder, tie bar etc.

    I also like the idea of the buckle because you don't see it on every many and it is simple and very clean looking. He can wear it while dressed in his best suit or very casual as well. You can change the look with the strap choice.

    I bought one for my husband and he really loves it.
  4. Ranskimmie, thank you for the idea! That sounds like a great idea for an anniversary prezzie!

    Kellybag, the belt buckle sounds really nice! He would surely be able to use it a lot!
  5. Passerby, ohhhhh great idea! I am sure he would use one for work, right? He has a flimsy laptop bag he uses now, but I am sure he would like an "upgrade!" I can't wait to go shopping after work! It will be so much easier with these ideas to guide me!!!

    Thanks for the congrats to him!! I am so proud of him!
  6. For my husband's birthday/college graduation in the first year we were dating I bought hima nice watch

    For his law school graduation my dad bought him a suit/that he wore for our wedding
  7. Alvie, I thought about a watch, he always eyes a certain stainless steel one. But in the last month he has stopped wearing one. Why does he have to be so difficult?
  8. You should give him a mixer or something like this. Because later he will want more expensive gifts... And he should give some present to you, not you to him...
  9. Versace, I never stated I wanted to give him an expensive gift, just something that he would use a lot. I don't think he will want a blender, we are currently roommates and he has never used mine. Since he is the one graduating (I graduated in 2003), I really wanted the gift to be for him. He has spent 5 of the most grueling stressful years trying to follow his dream to become an Engineer. And 2 years ago, even though he had no time, he took a huge risk to spend time getting to know me. I want the gift to say thank you for times you didn't study as hard as you wanted to, so that you could spend some quality time with me! And let him know that I can't wait to take the next step of his life journey with him (a job in the real world).

    :P I am sure he is dreaming up a fabulous gift/s to give me for my birthday and our up coming anniversary!!
  10. Kittybag, is he a baseball fan?
  11. I like the idea of buying him a suit. Since he's graduating, he'll be going to a lot of interviews for jobs. However, it'll be kinda hard to get a suit as a surprise gift cuz u need him there for the right size or for alteration.
  12. OOO, I understand..
    you can buy him somthing like this:
    1. very high quality tie
    2. expensive and very nice parfume
    3. Ipod or mp3 player
    4. belt
    5. great book
    6. dvd of his best movie... or something he likes a lot
    7. shoes
    8. expensive (Prada) shirt
    9. painting
    10. photoalbum with pictures of you or something which makes him remembering the sweetest moments with you
    11. ring
    12. something into his computer
    13. expensive tickets for match (football or basketball)
    (14. porn) just kiddin'
    15. prepare great dinner
    16. have a great night with candles and big bed
    17. necklace
    18. something into his car
    19. unidentificated thing made by yourself with love
    20. pet...
  13. How about a nice keepall?! :nuts: