Help, what do I do with this new Fendi Selleria?

  1. Okay, I made my first official hi-end designer handbag purchase today. I own about 5 handbags, a couple of high quality American made originals, but most are the safe Coach "work" bags from the outlet mall. But....I made a huge score at Barney's today and my mind is racing about it!

    I bought the Fendi Selleria Linda in a really pretty, soft metallic brown color with silver hardware for $450!! I see now that it retails for about $2,100. Its not the one thats all logo-ed out either.

    I had really decided I was happy with my current handbag collection, and Im the kind of girl that would almost have something from Anthropologie over something designer. I just paid of my CC and dont plan to blow it up for that pricey black Chloe, etc. But I couldnt believe it...when I asked the SA, she said "do not put it down for a second, or it will be gone". She held it behind the counter for me for two seconds while I called my husband and by the time I turned around there were three women standing there staring at me praying I would put it back!! You know I had to get it! I felt like everyone in there was staring at was sort of funny.

    I love it, dont get me wrong, but do you guys think I could potentially make a little extra money from it if sell it on eBay? I dont mean any disrespect; it seems sort of cheezy for me to think about doing that. Ive purchased on eBay before but never sold. Im thinking it might be an adventure, but I dont want to do anything risky either. Its actually such a gourgeous bag, and a classic design, I know I could be very happy to have it be part of my collection for years. What do you think I should do? (And for how much)?!?
  2. If you love it, keep it cuz bargains like that do not come along often. If you didn't love it, I'd say try to sell it and make a profit that will pay for the bag that you've been dreaming of lately, but if not don't waste a SCORE! It's a classic style in a perfect color that goes with anything. Enjoy it! No logos, it's timeless, it's a bag that you could wear for years! Plus metallic is so HOT!
  3. Wow, you are lucky! Congrats - that NEVER happens to me! Well, if it were me, no way I would sell - I love your bag! especially because it is metallic.
    but if you think that it is not for you and that you won't use it - hey,sell it why not?
    I have sold lots and bought lots - it is fun. the only thing is that if you sell it, you may not find such bag again at that price.... so I would make sure that there is no remorse....

    Good luck and let us know what you did!
  4. ^^ ITA, chodessa, about metallics.... just love 'em....
  5. The first question that came to mind, how did you get it so cheap?? You said you got it at Barney's, so was it on sale??? If so, and you decide to sell it, i don't think it would sell at retail anymore since those who are truly interested in the bag would problably know that it's gone on sale and they could get it least thats what i would think....
    But about your question...i think its a beautiful bag, but if you don't love (since you're thinking about selling) then you could surely sell it and make a little money since someone out there is sure to love it!!
  6. The SA said it was just returned, she took it in the back to "reconcile", whatever that means, and it had gone on sale. I know it hadnt been sitting in the store because I was in there last weekend. I dont know why it was so cheap but she said she was shocked too. I just get lucky like that sometimes. I mean this morning at Macy's I got a gourgeous Village Weave Cole Haan satchel for $43, Im not kidding! The SA about crapped. Same for clothes...I got a gourgeous $500 Elie Tahari dress for $45. I would just recommend if its a sale item, or has and extra % off, or has had two or more sale stickers on it, take it up to the clerk and ask her to scan it. Sometimes they just mark the stuff down big time I guess. And go in the morning.

    BTW, that purse is seriously growing on me. Just for fun though, I wonder what it would go for. I think I love it.
  7. if you like it, keep it and wear it. if you change your mind in a while, you should be able to at least get back what you paid for it since it was sooo cheap.
  8. if you love it, keep it - if not, sell it. no worries.

    more importantly, where are you when i'm out shopping?! i need someone like you to help me find the good deals!
  9. I love the gold undertone of the bag. Looks bronzy. Keep it if you like it.
  10. If you really love it, keep it. If you could live with out it and just wanted it because all the other ladies wanted it, you could probably sell it. As an avid ebayer you could probably make about $150 profit, but not much more than that. Good luck with your decision!
  11. If you love it keep it. I wouldn't sell my Selleria..