HELP - What do I buy my soul mate for his 30th Birthday????

  1. Okay, so I'm not into him anymore, but I really really was for years and I still deeply care for him - even though he drives me mad sometimes. And I will always think he is my soul mate :heart:, he'll always be the first guy who stole my heart.

    Anyway, he is coming 30 and I need to get him a present. Something that doesn't show I adore him (which i don't) but that shows he does mean something to me.

    He loves outdoorsy activities, plays golf, is totally into gadgets, doesn't have much fear, lives on adrenaline most times and is very funny.

    Price range is between £20-£30.

    I had in mind a Jelly Belly Machine, as it's fun, he'll keep it around for a bit, and it's just a cool present.

    Anyone got any ideas that I could use???

    Thanks in advance guys and gals (mostly gals though I guess) :pxx
  2. Ya wrap yourself up in a bow! It sounds like you still like him IMO heh but on another note how about dinner and a movie w/ or w/o you Or a really cool gadget.. like flashlight or knife?
  3. I liked this UK website, it has 30 year old bottles of wine, whiskeys, ports etc.

    Its not too expensive, and it shows that you have gone to the trouble of finding something that was created the year he was born :smile:
  4. Ohhh I like that idea ^^^ seems thoughtful!
  5. When is his birthday exactly, please? Does he like football? Is he a cufflinks kind of person?

    DichroicDazzle (in Birmingham)


    tie tack


    luxedeluxe (in Edinburgh)


    KeysandMemories (in the US, so time constraints to be taken into consideration)

    Custom cufflinks

    You could ask for "3" and "0" or his initials perhaps, if interested?


  6. Oh my goodness, thank you, that is perfect. You are the best!!!!!!! And I live in UK, so it'll be easy to order! Thanks! :nuts::yahoo::wlae:


  7. Oh Shazarae, you make me laugh :p!! Wrap myself in a bow indeed - i'd need tons of it to fit round my bod.

    And a knife? Oooooh errrrr kinky :graucho:.
  8. Passerby, his birthday is in the middle of September. So USA isn't really going to work as it'll take too long to deliver. Loved the purple cufflinks though.
  9. Thanks guys so much for your help. I think I will check out the Wine website, I think he would actually like that as he does like wine/whisky etc.

    No, I don't still hold a torch for him, he's just a very special person to me, I really don't see him 'that' way, and havn't for a while - which is quite sad actually, coz I used to get butterflies in my stomach whenever I was near him, and I loved that feeling. Okay, I still have them now, but they're nothing, he doesn't seem to 'get me going' like he once did!!!! Sad really. He's clearly not interested in me - he's known in the past I like him and has never made a move - so even after all these years, I think it's pretty clear he only ever wants friendship. Which is cool, I have moved on. Hard to accept to myself sometimes, but true!!

    Anyway, I'm so pleased to be part of his day and share it with his friends. And I think he'd love that!!!!

    So, thanks again guys!!!!
  10. Buy what you would buy yourself! Soulmates know best.
  11. Well, yeah, I would hope so. My very first thought was a Jelly Belly Machine. But I do like the idea of a bottle of wine from 1977, but I looked on the website and the cheapest ones I don't like the look of and then the others are almost £100 and that's too much for me.

    Might have to be the Jelly Belly Machine.
  12. beastofthefields, I hope you won't mind my posting this suggestion - in case anyone is looking for a gift for a wine lover in the US or Canada :smile:

    The first item would have made a cool gift for your good friend. It's a sold item.


    golfer wine/bottle holder



    wine maker/wine taster metal sculpture


    metal wine/bottle holder