help!!! what did i get myself into?!

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  1. hiii!

    I made the mistake of ordering a black monogram large horsebit hobo...and i dont think its reallll :crybaby:

    I'm wondering if anyone has this bag, and if they can take pictures of the bag? I just picked it up this morning from the post office so I have yet to go to the mall to check it out but I can't wait! I want to know if i've been had :sad:

    Specifically, I want to know if the buckle that is connected at the top (on the very top of the bag) is seamlessly connected, or can you see the seam in the metal...

    I'm so sad :sad: someone please help, I have a huge bio test tomorrow so I'll be busy studying for that but after that I'll post pictures so you guys can see! BUT if anyone has the bag, or any other large horsebit hobo can you upload pictures for me to see :angel: I've been searching like a madwoman on this board since the morning to try to find detailed pictures but I can't :shrugs:

    thankssss!! by the way, its not good for me, but this forum is so fun!
  2. Post the pics and details in AUTH THIS GUCCI FORUM section..and we will help you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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