Help! What designer makes these sunglasses?

  1. I really love these sunglasses-- I have been searching online since yesterday but they are still anonymous to me.
    I just want to know the designer and the name of them, please!

    I think THESE are inspired because of where I got them from, but you definitely get the idea, they look the same.

  2. Linda Farrow Gallery?
  3. Tom Ford
  4. Oliver Peoples has something similar to that.[​IMG]
    This picture is from
  5. No, those are different, kind of like the Oliver Peoples ones posted, but I checked Tom Ford and did see similar even more than that... thank you though!!
    I still feel like the ones I'm looking for are like in the picture, how it has that little space between the lenses and the legs of the sunglasses. I've not seen them in person but you know, in pictures of celebrities like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, etc. And I know it sounds funny but that MTV show Sweet 16 one of the girls was wearing them which made me curious.

    I just love that little gold detail and that space between the lens and the leg of the sunglasses.
  6. I'm really sure it's this pair.

    If it's Tom Ford I completely can't find a place to buy online... I know this pic is old so I'm guessing it's an older style which might be why I can't find them to buy =\
  7. I have no idea what Paris is wearing could be vintage anything but I have to agree w/sammydoll the sunglasses that all the celebs have been wearing lately are the Tom Ford ones.

    Do the ones on Paris have a space???

    Good luck!
  8. I think they do have the space, although they are different in color and the gems on them.
    I have been looking so much and came up with nothing, it's too bad :sad: