Help! What colour to choose for my first Bal...

What should I choose for my first Bal?

  • Chataigne City

  • Castagna City

  • Cypress Green City

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Apr 23, 2010
This is my first post in this forum! I am usually a Chloe girl, but desperately want to purchase my first Balenciaga bag -- although I have to admit I'm nervous, because I sense a steady slide into addiction will begin with the first one! My problem at the moment is that I'm stuck on a colour. At first I really wanted a Light Olive City or First with regular hardware, but it seems like it's a little difficult to find. I'm now trying to decide between a City with regular hardware in Chataigne, Castagna, or Cypress green... What do you think? I haven't seen many mod pictures of Cypress, but it looks like a lovely shade, and I do still have part of my heart set on a green Bal. On the other hand, both Chataigne and Castagna look amazing, and I've seen more pictures of both of them, but I'm not sure which would be better!

What do you think, girls? I'm pretty indecisive and I think I need some prodding!
Your happy little family seems to be a Brown Chloe Paraty, so perhaps a Cypres would be a nice addition?

Which hardware are you getting? Regular (RH), silver giant (SGH) or rose gold giant hardware (RGGH)?

In any case, I think all three colours are gorgeous so you can't go wrong.

Good luck.


Feb 10, 2007
i see you have a black and brown chloe
then let balenciaga be your pop color for fun.. so cypress would be delish!
good luck!
Apr 23, 2010
^^ That's true, I hadn't really thought of it that way since my Nut Paraty is a very different brown to either Chataigne or Castagna, but it would be nice to have more pop colours! For the hardware, I'd like RH or maybe RGGH, but probably the former! Such a tough decision ;)


Happy as Larry
May 10, 2009
By the Ocean
^^^ Love, love, love the Cypress - it looks good with just about anything and pretty much every skin tone. It's particularly gorgeous with the Rose Gold hardware above.

Good luck with your choice!


Jul 26, 2009
think castagna with rggh is gorgeous! Do let us knw which type of hardware you're planning to get:biggrin:


Sep 2, 2010
hmmm... I know it's not part of the poll, but how about your original choice, the light olive rh city? I got the last one at Bal LV City Center, but my SA said there was also one at the other Las Vegas boutique (Forum Shops). Why don't you try calling there?

If not, I vote for Cypress RH city. :tup: Good luck!!