HELP !! What colour for my JUMBO???

  1. Hi Ladies :yes: !!!

    As you know I always follow your advices:yes: !

    Thanks to you :
    For my first bag, I had a Classic Flap Large/medium in Black Caviar :love: !

    For the 2nd I wanted a huge bag in Black Patent :
    A Black Vinyl Coco Cabas in Large size has left San Francisco yesterday and should arrive here this week:yahoo: !!!

    For the Third, I d love to have a
    "NON Black or Navy" Jumbo in Caviar :graucho: !!!

    But what colour would you choose :confused1: ???
    Pics would also help :yes: !!
    Thanks Ladies :love: !!!
  2. I'm trying to get a red one!
  3. My two top color choices would be red or pink. :yes:
  4. I love the blue and violet that are both out now!
  5. What are the 07 colours for the Jumbo ???
    I think I would love red or even more a violet ...
    is violet from 07???
    where can I find a pic ???
  6. :nuts: :nuts: Red is TDF!!!!!!!!
  7. white or red!
  8. Rockerchic - A blue jumbo! Details, please! Is it patent? Is it navy or another shade? Is it the perforated? Caviar or lamb?