HELP! What colour for first Bal City Bag '08!

  1. Am about to buy my first City and want a blue..i have 3 options, which one plz???:s

    1) City Giant Gold Hw in Sky Blue '08
    2) City Giant Gold HW in Bleu Liturgique '08 (slightly turquoise)
    3) City Giant Silver HW in Electric Blue '08
  2. these are pics of the 3, electric and blue liturgique
    hope this helps!
    Image007.jpg Image004.jpg Image008.jpg
  3. I like the Electric Blue!! It will always look good.
  4. I vote for blue liturgique, interesting color :tup:
  5. Def: Bleu Liturgique '08
  6. I'd love to see that bleu liturgique more closely, but so far I like what I see! That'd probably be my first choice, followed by the EB (love how it looks with GSH).
  7. The turquoise colour 08 is out alreadyyyy????
  8. Definitely the Turquoise!:nuts: But I'd prefer it in RH. I'd go with EB SGH if these were the only choices
  9. The EB GSH city is out of stock.:sad::sad::sad:
  10. turquoise is out already??? WHERE?
  11. EB GSH is gorgeous, so that gets my Vote.

    & ooooh I like the look of Bleu Liturgique '08.
  12. [​IMG]

    TURQUOISE!!?!?!?!?!?!? WOWZER!!!!!

  13. yup, its out in march! prob the closest to turquoise out this year..
  14. Hmmmm, from this shot, Turquoise is not doing anything for me...perhaps a better photo?:shrugs: I still prefer EB
  15. turquoise look like aquamarine to me. Maybe its the pic. I still love EB.