Help: What color/What Leather?

  1. [​IMG]

    Does anyone know what color and leather the birkin is?

    The pic came from our super thread with all the Asian pics/info. I thought placing it here may get me a tiny bit more exposure.
  2. I think it looks like Rouge Garanche in VL???
  3. Thank you Jag for that quick response! I never thought it may be that.
  4. That's a very tough one and I'm not sure enough to make a call on color, but I will say that I don't think it's VL because of the sides. VL wouldn't easily pinch or bulge like that on the sides.
  5. Maybe Brick in togo?
  6. Good point style101! Hmmm.... this one is stumping me then- maybeit is togo??
  7. That's a good call, Whispa! I'm inclined to agree with you - doesn't look like much else.
  8. That has to be it- brick togo. What else could it be????
  9. Orchids - I don't want to cause any problems, but there's a very good possibility that she has the color listed wrong on that one - probably by accident. (Remember, the tags aren't always on them in the boutiques and my SA constantly gets colors wrong.......)

    That's the exact color of my Kelly, only it's Brique in Vache Liegee - mine did have the tag! (she does have the leather listed right.......) Brique in Liegee takes on a more orange tone and Brique in Togo takes on a more reddish tone. Since we've established that the original bag in question most likely isn't Liegee anyway, it's probably Brique in Togo.
  10. IMO, I think both are togo, the kelly looks like chartruse, the other vermilion, or brick:shrugs:
  11. Style--no worries! We're here to bounce pieces of information together to complete the puzzle. :flowers: And what a gorgeous color! I've been eyeing this particular bag--it is just beautiful. I haven't seen Etrusque IRL only Brique in the store. I just checked GF's sample, but I can't seem to read the descriptions on the samples very clearly but her description is that it's a terracotta brique--would love to see that IRL if this Birkin isn't an Etrusque!:love:
  12. Luxwear's Birkin is almost definitely the Brique Liegee. Obviously it's hard to say for sure with the differences on our moniters, etc., but it looks like the exact color of my Kelly. I think someone else on here has a Paris-Bombay in the Brique VL and someone else has a 30 Birkin - I'll try to locate the pics.

    It's sort of a coral/terracotta/orange IRL - very different than Brique in other leathers.
  13. hmmm, I would've said brique......
  14. I really love the color! I'll check out the members' pix here in a bit. Just beautiful in the VL!