Help! What color twiggy to get??


What color should I get?

  1. Rose

  2. Emerald

  3. Lilac

  4. Ink

  5. Cognac

  6. Black

  7. White

  8. Rouille

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi everyone I need some help that I think only you guys can provide! I asked my friend to get me a twiggy when she goes to France. The colors I can choose from are the following: Rose, Emerald, Lilac, Ink, Cognac, Black, White, & Rouille. I'm trying to decide what color to get, but I'd like to get everyone's opinion since I have not seen all these colors in real life myself. I'm kinda interested in the ink, but I'm afraid that the leather might be to veiny and marbley like some that I have seen. I'm also kinda interested in the Rose color and cognac might be nice too, but I've never seen these colors in person. Please help me decide :yes: .
  2. What colors do you usually wear? And what colors are your other bags? I like all the colors you listed (aside from black and white because you could get it in other bags, and bbags looks like it's made for brighter colors ;) ) so it'll be easier to choose if we can figure out what goes well with your wardrobe :yes:
  3. Well for the most part I guess I wear neautrals or pastels. I love wearing jeans. My style is slightly on the bohemian/casual side. I don't usually wear too many bold colors. I totally agree about the black and white. The colors that I already have are: magenta, olive 05', and cornflower.
  4. I have an ink city. The color is the BEST!!
  5. I agree ink is a beautiful colour, just ask your friend to pick one with the best leather!
  6. I would vote for ink or Rouille (looks great in the twiggy)
  7. The rouille is fabulous!
  8. Uhhhh tough choice. You said you like pastels so I would normally choose lilac or rose for you, but looking at your other bag colors (magenta, olive, cornflower) seems like you have no problem wearing brighter colored bags (brightens up the neutral outfit?) I'd pick the rouille for you! Especially after looking at ashleyby's rouille twiggy! Though I still LOVE LOVE LOVE ink. Maybe you should ask your friend to call you and let you know which one has better leather. My ink city is not veiny/marbly/crackly/shiny, but I've certainly seen ink bags that are. It's more of a personal preference though...
  9. 0o0o0o how exciting! a twiggy! i totally love this size!
    i've put a vote in for INK, for my first choice then Rouille
  10. Ink!!! :heart: So exciting- you will love this color!
  11. I voted for the Ink! Even if it is marbley/veiny, many others have said thaty with use, the veins sort of dissappear! I have an Ink city and the color is gorgeous. :smile:
  12. i think you should get the ink, i just got an ink twiggy this week (my first bbag!!) and i think its a really great color because it changes depending what light you are in. plus i work in a law firm and i like that it doesn't stand out too much, i think the rouille might be too bright and casual--but also its personal preference on how you like to dress. maybe you would like a pop of color like burnt orange.
  13. Looks like everyone either likes the ink or the rouille. I really like the ink too. Where can I find pics of the rouille twiggy?
  14. My two favorite choices are ink and rouille. From there, I'd say you're on your own to decide! They're both so fabulous!!!