Help! What color & Season is my Work from?

  1. I walked into my local designer handbag resale store this week and found the most gorgeous work!! :love: Aside from a little darkening of the handles, it is in PRISTINE condition! The leather is SUPER thick, very different from the 06 Spring Citys I have. I'm SO excited to have found this color brown that goes with EVERYTHING in my wardrobe!!! :yahoo:They didn't know the color or season so I need your help BBag experts. I've been comparing to all the brown bags in the Color Reference thread and I think it's an 05 Caramel but I'm not sure.. maybe cognac? or camel? My camera is not the best, the pic with the flash does not look like the bag irl. IRL I would say it's like a dark cinnamon or nutmeg color. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance ladies!! :yes:
  2. 2006 S/S Cognac.

  3. It's a 06 Camel/Cognac

    Congrats, it's really fab
  4. REREsaurus & Bern: thanks for such a fast response! :love: I'm so happy now that I know it's Cognac/Camel! I read somewhere that 06 Spring bags were made very thin, but this one is the complete opposite. I couldn't be more thrilled, thanks again!! :nuts:
  5. since you mentioned that you got her in a resale store if you don't mind me much did you pay for her ?

    i just love hearing the amazing bargains that some people find in resale shops.
    she's gorgeous by the way. Congrats on a great score!
  6. omg your new bag is gorgeous!!! congrats
  7. :drool: congrats! fab find! yes, pls tell how much it cost you :biggrin:
  8. OMG! you just got one of the bags on my lust list! mind if i ask which store and contact details? i love this color and the leather dont look bad at all!
  9. Congrats on such a GORGEOUS bag!!!

    Don't you just love Works? :love:
  10. Fabulous bag! That color and leather are gorgeous! I'm wondering how much you paid as well- I keep wondering if there are any resale shops in my area that might carry that one jewel of a balenciaga!!