Help - What color mirage speedy?

  1. I've noticed the LV speedy mirage in reading this forum and I've actually dreamed about this bag for weeks. :drool: My DH is going to help me get one. :heart: The thing is, I've never seen one IRL, only in your (TPFers) beautiful pictures. My question is what color should I get? The bordeaux is TDF and makes a statement. But, the black is pretty and more practical. Which color do you recommend? Can I wear the bordeaux with anything?

    This would be my first LV, so any help is appreciated!

  2. bordeaux!! it's stunning in real life but i also don't care for the color black on anything.
  3. I say go for the black. I love the fade on it and I think it is more practical than the bordeaux since it is your first LV. Good luck with your purchase and post pics of which one you get!
  4. Black !!!
  5. Bordeaux is just dark enough to match anything, it's not a crazy bold color!! I say go for the bordeaux!!
  6. Bordeaux! I think it matches with almost anything! brown outfits as well as black outfits. It's such a beautiful color!!!!
  7.'s beautiful:p
  8. Bordeaux... It stands out more and looks gorgeous against almost anything dark.
  9. I have the bordeaux Mirage Speedy and it really is a versatile color! You can wear anything with it --- I haven't had any problems matching it to my outfits at all. Good luck with your decision! Either color is gorgeous, but to me the bordeaux has a little more oomph to it, although if I had oodles of money, I would have bought both. LOL
  10. BORDEAUX all the way!!!!!!!!!!
  11. bordeaux!!!
  12. ^
    CEC: Love your new avatar! Nice shot & composition KWIM. :yes:

  13. I chose the black because it suits me more. I wear lots of black, neutrals, browns......I just love black.
  14. Think about your closet and what would match up better. I think the bordeaux is a more stunning bag, but went with the black.

    I would love to have both though, either is beautiful.
  15. bordeaux...i don't much like the black.