HELP! what color is this bag

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  1. #1 Jan 13, 2009
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    I want a white reissue 2.55 bag, the SA from Saks say that dont have anything in white color.
    and then she sent me this bag'pic says that this is light purple....
    it looks white to me, please let me know what you guys think?
  2. I don't see a picture.
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    here is the bag i am interesting for, can you guys tell the difference?
  5. I think that's a white bag, I have never seen that bag in lavender. Sometimes in photos the white bags look like other colors, but that bag looks white to me.
  6. Thank you, that bag looks white to me too.
    I wonder why SA say thats Lavender.
    do you know this style have lavender color? \

    thank you very much:tup:
  7. Sorry I do not know the color code for this bag, but i swear it's white.
  8. i think its white with grey like a dark white maybe? sorry i dont have the color code either..but theres more pics in the reference library
  9. Looks white to me...Gorgeous bag by the way!
  10. I have that bag...and it is not light purple. It is a white but has a grey-ish, blue-ish undertone depending on the light you have it in. But it is a white - just not the white you are use to seeing in the classics etc.

    It is a great bag - I love mine!:heart:
  11. May i ask how much you got it and how many sizes it bag coming with????
  12. Price - $2795
    Leather - calfskin matte finish
    Size - 11x7.5 / 226

    I think it comes in a 227 also, not sure.

    * color is off in this picture - as the bedroom lights casts a strange glow on everything. But whether it is grey, blue or even purple-ish is not a light purple...much more white - just not pure white.

    The OP pictures are truer to actual color. Great photos by the way.
    cat fav.JPG

  13. yes, this one is 2795 also....

    thank you very much!! now I will go for this one without any doubt...
  14. You will love it. I took it to a concert, and it has a very chic, hip, cool - whatever you want to call it - feel.

    Great bag!:yes: