Help! What color is my BV?

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  1. I ordered a large veneta from Bluefly. It's a camel/tan color. The tag lists the color as "marrone." Does this sound correct?
  2. i dont know actually, lots of these girls are bv experts, and im sure they can help you. i know there is a moro colour, but i have never personally heard of marrone.keep checking back here, i know the girls wont let you down!!!!
  3. Based on your description, it's most likely Noce/Hazelnut
  4. I did a little research, and it seems that "marrone" is Italian for chestnut brown. I'm not sure that's the color I have, though.
  5. I'm sure you could solve this quickly if you snap a pic and post it :yes:
  6. :yes:
  7. If you just purchased it in the last couple of weeks, then it's absolutely a Noce. I had my eye on it. ;) Glad you snapped it up! Please post pics!