HELP! What COLOR hobo?

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  1. Hi everyone! I need to let my SA know by tomorrow about which color and size gucci horsebit hobo i want so she can save it for me for Tuesday. I finally saved enough for a horsebit hobo and have decided to go with the medium fabric. I've decided on this because my god mom gave me a large black leather horsebit hobo (I LOVE IT!) and so i figured a fabric medium one would be good. however, i cannot make up my mind on the you guys like the brown/beige fabric with brown strap or the off white strap? or do you guys prefer the black fabric with the black silver horsebit? I LOVE THEM ALL EQUALLY! ..and here are the reasons why:

    black fabric with silver horsebit - understated, elegant & silver horsebit is unique

    brown fabric with off white leather - it looks fresh and how do i put this, younger to me..(im 19 years old) but will the off white leather get dirty easier?

    brown fabric with brown horsebit strap - classy as always and with the brown strap, lol, it wont get dirty as fast (i hope)

    i know, i know..most of you like the leathers one (i do too!) but since i already have a leather hobo, i thought itd be fun to get a fabric one..and ps. i love chocolate guccissima but im not ready for it yet =P its definitely a TDF though.
  2. brown fabric with off white leather

    sounds delish!
  3. brown fabric and off white leather...since the other one you have is black
  4. ^ I agree...I do prefer the leather but since you have one already I totally see your point..Good for you & congrats!! Post pics when you get it!!!
    :heart: Emmy
  5. I like the brown fabric and off white leather.
  6. Brown canvas with the offwhite leather...such a gorgeous combination! You'll LOVE it...and it'll be significantly different from the black leather horsebit hobo you already have...

    Can't wait to see pics!
  7. brown w/ off white. Nice combo.

  8. I agree with everyone else, the brown and off white combo is fab
  9. I guess i'm the only one to say brown fabric brown handle :biggrin: I'm not a fan of white especially the handle, I have a bag with white handles and they are.... not white anymore ;) so i say brown all the way!