Help! what color birkin is this?

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  1. i am sorry to be asking but I am not sure what color this birkin is. I hope you can help me. I tried looking at the color thread but I am still not sure. thanks so much!:heart:
  2. difficult to tell if the flash is kind of "washing out the color" or if it is indeed that color.

    My guess would be gold.
  3. i think you are right tokyo girl!
  4. i was hoping it was some sort of yellow :sad:
  5. Jen, please weigh in other guesses, since I am a relative H newbie!
  6. It looks more like sable to me?
  7. okay, these are 2 different pics. the one on the right i am sure is a gold color but the one on the left is the same color as the pic I posted above. any clues?
    000373456_1.jpg 2028575_1.jpg
  8. I just found the site where you got the photo. You should call the store and ask.
    In the one photo, it does look more like a yellow.
  9. is this the saffron color? i saw some pics in the color thread and I thought it looked somewhat the same.

    tokyogirl, thanks i will try asking the store.
  10. That is so odd, they look totally different!! The second pic you posted looks more like natural. :confused1:
    I would definitely call the store, wherever it is, and ask!
  11. I suspect that they will probably not know the exact color name (or otherwise they would have listed it, as they did on the other bags), but hopefully they should be able to tell you if it is a gold or a yellow!

    Good luck!!
  12. Hmm.. Jeune or some colour like that was with the yellows. I´m not sure though.
  13. Could be gold or sable.
    There is a color called "sport" that is available in Buffalo. I do not know if sport is available in other leathers, but it looks like a light yellow gold, very nice color.