Help. What color bag to get?


Feb 4, 2010
So I have a black city already and want another city. I love this style, so classic!

Anyways, the only colors I'm considering are grey, blue, or red. I love darker colors. So if its a grey, I want it to be a dark grey, etc.

For red, maybe something burgundy, and for blue, navy perhaps?

How would you describe anthracite?

If someone can point me to the right colors..

For colors: What season has been released now, anything releasing soon, and is last season still available? (for any close colors I mentioned)

Thanks a bunch!
Apr 5, 2010
Anthracite is a great neutual color. The bag changes color under different lightings. I know in the forum people say that it either has more blue undertone, or green undertone. Mine is 2011, personally I think my bag has a perfect balance in between those two, I would see either a blue, or teal color reflected under the dark grey color, it's beautiful! I think s/s 2012 has Burgundy color. Do a search on this forum, there are a lot of threads talking about these two colors. Good luck!


Dec 8, 2011
I think deciding on a color is the hardest part!
I am looking at the Anthracite as well- but also like the "military" green that
Cultstatus has on their site now--