HELP! What can i do with this?

  1. Hey TPFers...I need some advice.:girlsigh: I bought this Sheri Bodell top earlier this year and have worn it once to a dinner in Chicago (wore it with black skinny jeans). I need to try and wear it again as it wasn't cheap:s and i like it but are the sleeves a bit OTT? I tried it on with red COH skinnies and its cute but i just don't know about the sleeves now- i am attaching (2) photos. The whole top/dress and a pic of the detailing which is why i fell in love with it- So, any ideas would be great but if you hate it and think i should get rid of it on eBay let me know that too- I know ya'll will be totally honest! THANKS!
    SheriBodell 001.jpg SheriBodell 002.jpg
  2. I like it, it's cute. I think the sleeves are very nice, actually. When you say you aren't sure about them, do you mean the wideness of them? I think for fall it would look nice with gray jeans and black ankle boots (the tops of the boots under the jeans) and a knotted, thick scarf in maybe a pale blue. I think it would be difficult to wear far into the winter though...but it's still very cute and I'd say keep it ;)
  3. I love this top its so cute. I can see it being worn a few different ways. Would look really cute with a pair of skinny jeans (heels or tall boots), with a pencil skirt would also look so darling.
  4. That's a really cute top, I love the sleeves.
    It'd look great with practically any form fitting bottom, to balance out the sleeves. I would wear it with skinny jeans.
  5. I agree, this is a great top. I'd wear it with anything except wide leg bottoms. That would be too much.
  6. I love it! I don't think you should sell it. I think it would look really cute with skinny jeans, a wide belt and jeans.
    skinny jeans.jpg wide belt.jpg frye dorado.jpg
  7. I also think it would be really cute with wide leg jeans, round toe pumps, a little clutch and some long necklaces like a locket or something...
    wide leg jeans.jpg cognac peeptoes.jpg kooba mackenzie.jpg
  8. Any pics of it on you? That would help a lot to see if the sleeves are nice or not.
  9. I think the sleeves and the detailing on the top makes it very pretty! Would def pair it with skinnies/ fitted skirt (can it be tucked in?) to keep it balanced.

    A keeper, IMO.
  10. it's a cute maybe you can put it on with skinny jeans a great pair of shoes with skinny heels rounded or pointy toe front part of shoe and a leather belt in black
    here are some ideas for the belt

    since the sleeves are big the belt will cinch you in and give you a hourglass look and will slighty make the bottom half of the top look wide (don't worry not huge) but it will even out the top half:tup:
  11. :tender:Oh thank you SO much...i need to get a good belt i think- i had thought about belting but just didnt look right with any belt i have...great excuse to buy one!! I have a really light gray pair of 7s that are super skinny leg that i could do with heels and belt it OR those same jeans and the top no belt with Coach slouchy boots (from last year, brown) over jeans.

    I don't have a good pic of it on me and my roommate is never home so i couldnt get one the other day while playing dress up...if i wear it this weekend i will get pics and post.

    thanks again for all the advice and keep it coming!! :tup: