HELP! What Balenciaga should be my first puchase?

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  1. So I have been waiting to buy a Balenciaga bag for a while, I am new to this designer and need some help deciding which one to get. It would have to be black and since I recently became a new mommy, I would love the option to carry it cross body. I am 5'1 and don't want it to be too big to where it looks like the bag is wearing me!.. any suggestions? also, I would need the following items to fit:
    small makeup bag,
    LV Alexandra wallet,
    maybe a 16oz water bottle,
    my Iphone,
    sunglass case (puffy chanel one) and maybe
    a small tissue bag.

    Thanks loves!!!;)
  2. Hi there! I'm like you, new to the brand and hoping to own one too. I'm still not that familiar with how the sizes will look on me but I've shortlisted the Town and the City. The mini City is very adorable too but it seemed... well mini. I Probably need to try them out in the store to decide. Good luck on your new bag and I really hope to see what you'll get!
  3. I'm almost 6' so no Bals are cross body on me. :smile:

    But I think a lot of people have good experiences wearing Velos cross body due to the longer strap.
  4. LOL.. Poor you being so tall! lol, I wish I had that problem! thanks... Ill check it out :P
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    I have found that the Velo is the best large (but not too large) cross body style, you can also double the strap to make it a shoulder style if you want.

    Here is a pic of mine stuffed:

    and unstuffed:

    For reference, I am 5' 9" but don't have a very long torso. Here is the City, which seems to be a shape that works well for most people (it does not go cross body unless you have a strap you can switch it up with):

    Keep in mind that with the newer Velos you can shorten the strap.

    The Town is another great option, not sure if the water bottle would fit easily, but I think if you didn't zip it everything might fit. HTH!
  6. im a new mommy too.. I tried on City and loving it. planning to get my City bbag soon as I am still browsing and deciding what color to go for. Black seem to be secure but I would op for the colorful.. and more daring
    color.. such as red.
  7. The city :smile:
  8. city. i got a First for my 1st bal and i def should have gotten a city. I'm getting my 3rd bal this month and it will be a city- before the price increase.
  9. City or Velo make a good option.
    Velo is bigger and spacious, so probably more ideal for your lifestyle as a new mommy :smile:
  10. omg no...really? Do you happen to know when the next price increase will be?
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    Aww congratulations on becoming a new mommy!

    Keep in mind that the City can't be worn cross-body (unless you add chains or something to lengthen the strap), though. And I too am 5'1" and I don't think the Velo looks good on me (makes me look shorter) so if you can try one on before buying, that would be good. The Town might be a little small for your needs, but maybe consider it. The Part Time can be worn cross-body (though the strap falls a little short) and I don't think the style looks too bad on me - might be bigger than what you're looking for though. The old (regular size) Pompon (see SunBunny's recent reveal) and the old Maxi Twiggy are some other cross-body options - might be hard to find those though.

    May 1st.

    Good luck and have fun with making a choice :smile: