Help! What Bag to Bring to Professional Conference

  1. I need help ladies & gents. Here's the deal....I am flying to Boston in 11 days. I am attending a 4 day conference. 2 of the days I will be presenting and will be dressed up. The only two days I will be business casual as I won't be presenting.

    People at the conference I am likely to meet are fellow graduate students as well as highly-esteemed researchers in my field (that could be potential colleagues/on the job search committee of a university I apply to).

    Which bag do I wear for the presentation days? I am thinking my Damier papillon as opposed to mono or multicolor. And I fear my red epi speedy is to loud.

    For causal days should I just stick with the same bag?

    Last question: This is my first time flying with Lvs. I am super afraid to check one (if I bring more than one bag) in case my luggage got lost or damaged (or theft). What would you do?

    Should also say...I'll be doing ALOT of shopping and sightseeing as well after the conference ends.
  2. i think your damier pap is a good choice....or even a monogram a speedy or your Batignolles..I would stay away from anything "loud" like MC (for sure).

    you should get traveller's insurance, i'm sure they cover lost luggage, but I would ask how $$ they would cover for!! I wouldn't bring too many bags...maybe one for the presentation and shopping, and one for night! like a clutch or pochette!
  3. I also say Damier Pap!
  4. dam pap is a perfect choice--business or casual--good luck!
  5. I like a damier pap. if it works for shopping. I personally don't think a epi red speedy is too loud.

    Never under any circumstance check your LV. Carry on only (i've heard lots of horror stories). Hope you have fun. You should bring a change of clothes on your carry on if your're afraid of your luggage getting lost but b/c the liquids law you won;t be able to bring all you toiletries on the plane. I've flown 150+ times and my luggage has never been lost so i wouldn't worry about it.
  6. i don't know what bags you have but i would stick with damier or epi. i think mono is too recognizable. that's how i operate for the most part. when i went on my last trip i brought my suitcase as a carryon and had my damier speedy in it. so it never left me. if i was checking my bag i would either use my lv as my handbag or put it inside whatever big bag i had as my carry on. kwim?
  7. Sounds like your choice for a bag is good! You can use that bag casual too!

    As an aside, never pack your extra LV handbags in luggage! I learned this lesson the hard way, when my luggage was lost and still has not been found, with my LV inside of it. I now carry any additional handbags in my carry-on. The airlines lose something like 10,000 bags a day! Don't ever assume it won't be yours they lose!
  8. RED EPI with a black dress and black stiletos=:supacool:
  9. I think damier looks the most professional out of the ones you mentioned. And you can bring any of the others you mentioned for the more casual times.
  10. Have fun and good luck at the conference! As for your bag, pick the damier papillon. It's not as predictable as a monogram bag. I'm going to echo other people's sentiments here: Do not put any LVs in your checked luggage. Airport security tear through and check random bags these days. You just never know what's going to happen.
  11. Damier will be my choice out of the three, was about to suggest Damier/Epi Sac Plat if u are looking to buy a professional bag :devil: good luck at ur conference!
  12. Great advice! I'd recommend the same! I always pack all of my valuables in my least the ones that fit and are most important to me like my jewelry...etc..
  13. I think that anything Damier would be just fine for the conference. You mentioned that some of these esteemed researchers and conference attendees might be on the hiring committee at a University you could be applying to. I think it's best to treat the conference as a job interview and dress on the more conservative side. I tend to associate Damier with a conservative, business environment. Better safe than sorry.
  14. damier def
  15. I never check my LV's. Last time I travelled I bought a pomme lexington and was about to check it in my bag and changed my mind. I took it on board and the airline ended up losing my luggage! I got my luggage back but I have resolved to not even think of checking a LV again. And I vote for your damier papillon.