Help--What bag on sale is my SA talking about-2 available?

  1. :confused1:

    Got a call from my SA today, could not go, but curiosity is killing me so I asked her to hold them.....she offered me a purse and here is the description, original price $2,100 and some, I forgot the some!!- - Not Caviar, either lambskin or other.

    description: About the same size as a Jumbo, a double flap, mademoiselle closing, open pocket in back, silver tone chain, quilting on the bottom only---don't know if that means a band of quilting or quilting on the bottom body of the bag?---not current season, she had two in the winter white color- Store is Saks, part of the Saks Sale, only two available, sale price $1,400.00 from this strange description, can anyone guess.......and let me know.....I will go tomorrow afternoon, but curiosity is killing me.:heart:H
  2. ohhh!! i think know which bag it is but I cant think of the name at the moment and it's hard to search the forums without the name.

    Imagine a smooth leather flap on top and then a quilted leather flap on the bottom. At least that's the one I think your SA is talking about. I'll see if I can find it around the forums
  3. found it! This picture is from our lovely member Sucre!

  4. OH my god girl, I love you!!!!- now, tell me, have you seen it IRL, do you like it? is it worth to me. I know you know your Chanels:heart:H

  5. I am strangely really drawn to that for some reason. Does anyone know the name?
  6. wow, mello really do know your stuff.

    habanerita - that bag is sooooo nice. You should grab it at that price!

  7. I know, right? There's something about it that is appealing.....maybe the price? :p
  8. LOL Good point! That price does seem downright "cheap"!:wtf:
  9. I think it is really pretty but quite delicate from what I can remember about it. Also, because of the double flaps, the main compartment is not as large as I expected. My other problem with it is the leather is so soft that the shape of the contents inside show through. And when you carry it, it sags into a v. Some people may love these characteristics. You should try it on!

    The price is so good though! Let us know what you decide!
  10. Girls....You are all amazing.....exactly everyting I have been thinking and wondering and more.....will be there tomorrow....will report back, I don't know, I am wondering, if it is so delicate and thin in winter white?????lets see, will let you know tomorrow, she also has another bag in case anyone might be interested, it is only handheld, I think it is like the Doctor bag we have been reading and talking about....will post pics from my trusty cell phone.....:heart:You all H
  11. hahaha thanks habanerita and handbag-ho!!

    habanerita - i havent seen this beauty in person but from pics, I am in LOVEEE. and the price is just perfect for a Chanel! have fun tomorrow!!!!! oh and i think it'll be GORGEOUS in winter white!
  12. That bag is beautiful, I remember seeing it IRL, loved it!
  13. That leather is TDF! So soft. :heart::heart::heart: Even if you just used it occasionally... it is fabulous.
  14. Okay,.......I got it....truly it is gorgeous in the winter white....cannot pick it up till the 15th., will post pics as soon as I pick it up......Let me know what you think when I post it......:heart:H
  15. Like the price