HELP!!! What bag makes a good gift?

  1. Last year I got my sister a Dooney for Christmas, and she loves it, and it "works" quite well for her. Since then I have goten her some smaller items from Coach and Dooney for her birthday and such, but this year I want to "step it up" and get her something nice. I would like to spend under $500 (and under $300 is better), and live in Chicago, so all major designers/stores are right here. Does anyone have any sujestions of what to get her? She is 16 and on the shorter side.

  2. How about a LV Wapity (eluxury sells them for around $300).
    lv1.jpg lv2.jpg
  3. yeah, an LV accessory/small item is a great idea.
  4. what about a marc by marc jacobs bag?
  5. how about a black epi pouchette accessories? ($360) Every gal needs a little black bag and this bag is timeless!
  6. I agree with muppy and rose..I LOVE the idea of the Wapity. It's tiny and cute and something a 16 year old would also love, probably in the multicolore.
    And if she's not a big color girl, the Epi pochette is's understated and luxurious at the same time!
    What a lucky sister you have..I can't get my brother to buy me ANYthing lol.
  7. Wow, lucky lucky sister! I *love* the vernis.. you could get a ludlow wallet for $335. I'd definitely pick a designer she's familiar with and work from there. If you ever need another sister, pick me, pick me!! :yahoo:
  8. Wapity or LV pochette will be cute..
  9. i would get a small wallet or cles from LV. preferable from MC line :P
    and wapity is a cute choice too.
    good luck
  10. I know it's not as "designer" as all the other suggestions made, but what about a bright colored Longchamp tote. It's practical, cute, and very classy.
  11. Burberry wallet is nice.
  12. You could get a sml Mulberry bag or wallet - they are always realy nice and classy, and also exclusive - I hear there aren't many Mulberry concessions in the US. They might be expensive tho; over here they aren't too badly priced. :shrugs:
  13. You may want to check out Kate Spade bags...I think they're pretty.

  14. If you want to get her a handbag, how about a Kooba or a Hayden Harnett---both brands have lovely leather and you get a lot of bang for your buck!:yes:
  15. Maybe, a LV Speedy mini? Any of the pochettes would be nice for someone her age. Definitely check out Kate Spade. They have some trendy bags and I see many girls her age with them.