HELP: what bag is this?

  1. i've never really post anything in Chanel thread but of course, i am a Chanel fan. i find it intimidating to post anything here :yes:since i am a guy and am very2 young especially when it comes to talking about CCs, tweeds n stuff like tht.

    so, can you guys help me figure out what kind of bag is this and from which season it's from? i own something like this in ligne cambon (noir) so i hope to kinda expand my collection :sweatdrop:. thanx!!!

  2. It reminds me of the metallic reissues but in a different shape.
  3. that looks like the reissue in the phone case size...
  4. I think there's a thread about these it's called Reissue Accessories.
  5. thanks poosdarling, ive found it! anyway, is this bag still available? wut do u guys think?
  6. I think it's really cute! :tup: Here's a pic of Paris wearing the bag so that you can get a sense of what it looks like cross-body.