Help! What bag did I get and should I keep it?

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  1. My mom bought this bag at Nordstrom on sale from $1200 to $670 or so and my first reaction was, return it, it's nothing spectacular. But I've been looking at it and modeling it and it's growing on me at a phenomenal rate! The black leather is really nice and I love the little kitten ears the zipper makes. Can you guys help me identify this bag? What do you think of it? Should I return it? Thanks in advance! And um...don't mind the outfit, I wouldn't wear it like that. It's cold in the house and sweatpants were in order!

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  2. Aren't you lucky! your mom spoils you! :smile: I believe that's the Ascot.
  3. Yup looks like an Ascot to me too! There's pics of one in the Reference section. I like it!! I vote that you should keep it!!
  4. OMG- at first glance I thought it was the new Ava (smaller style) but I like it on you. Most importantly, it sounds like you will really enjoy it! Some of my favorite bags now are those which I stuck my nose up at first glance. SO i would give it a few days to think about and if you are falling in love more and more, then enjoy her in good health!
  5. Thanks guys! Gosh I thought I knew my Chloe but you showed me! :embarrassed: And haha yea my mom spoils me but we do buy all our bags to share.
  6. OK so I found some info thanks to you guys. It was originally $1120 (I knew it was in the $1100s and just assumed it was at the high end) and my mom paid $669.90 for it, which seems like a good deal until you consider that NM had the same bag on sale for $560 in July. I still really like the bag but will only consider keeping it if Nordstroms will price-match NM's old price. That's fair right? Do you think they'd do that? I'm not really worried that it'll go out of style or anything as it's not too trendy, but I don't want to pay more than I could have months ago, know what I mean?

  7. Great Ascot!
    Nordstrom is great at price matching --- take in a print out of the NM price and you should have no problem!
  8. I don't know... I don't think this style, but if *you* do, then that's all that matters!
  9. I dont like it, nothing screams gorgeous to me. If im not completely head over heels for a bag, I dont buy it. It looks like a regular bag from target or something IMO.
  10. ^I agree with LV. I personally think it's boring, nothing special IMO. It does look good on you though. It's a good price, but still that's a lot of $ that could go to another bag you REALLY wanted...
  11. i think it looks really cute on you and if you can get the price match i'd go for it! (and i agree with jag about falling in love with styles you wouldn't expect to at first, those have become some of my favorites as well)!
  12. I think it's OK. Do you think that loop at the front is for hanging charms from?

    I think it would look much nicer with a charm, or three, hanging from it - without anything, it just seems like a pointless feature, to me. :shrugs: